The NYRA Cares charitable program is now closed. Thank you to everyone for your support.

As a result of your generosity, NYRA Cares, in partnership with the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce, raised $13,380 to benefit the Adirondack Trust Company Community Fund. Established in 2009, the Adirondack Trust Company Community Fund serves as a source of philanthropic support for local charities in Saratoga, Washington and Warren Counties.

Every dollar raised will be distributed to local charities and non-profits in the Saratoga Springs community. While your support is always valued, it is that much more impactful during this challenging time as many charities and organizations experience the impact of the pandemic.

NYRA, the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce and Adirondack Trust Company Community Fund thank you for your generosity.

Congratulations to all of our winners:

Scott Rosen
Alida Zichettello
Andrea Rosen
Annie Johnson
Patrick Cannon
Chris Eckels
Cynthia Miller
Dr John Ritots
Florence Audevard
Greg Moran
Gary Neumann
Dale Hughes
James O’neill
James Peterson
Jim Collins
Joanne Caufield
John Nesheiwat
John Schmitt
Julie Priddle
Joseph Pustay
Jerold Zaro
Jennifer Wiesen
Kristopher Zelesky
Lois Celeste
Matthew Kleinberg
Michael Billok
Melissa Ericksen
Mitchell Horan
Micah Zajic
Nancy Merwin
Gregory Nuckols
Patricia Houghton-Rones
John Behnke
Patricia Peterson
Rachel Wilson
Richard Symansky
Sarah Collins
Cheryl Samborin
Shawn Meyers
Marc Simmons
Stephen Sipperly
Tim Mchale
Thomas Monroe
Theresa Symansky